Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Honest Opinions

In the past I have been someone that likes to please others. However, I am now making it a point more than ever to work on my authenticity. I had the thought a few days ago:
Somewhere I want to write down my opinions so I don't change them all when I start dating someone. I need to be honest with myself. So I can then be honest with others. Opinions can change, but only for valid reasons. If I later change opinions, ask myself why I did, honestly.
Then I thought
Hey! I have a blog! And not very many people read it, so its a perfect place to teach myself to be honest with my opinions.
If I go viral, I'm in trouble. But I really don't think that'll happen.

So, I plan to post some short opinions with the label "Honest Opinions" and challenge myself to think about and commit to an opinion enough to say/type it out loud.

My goal is not to persuade, only to express. And mostly for my own sake.

You can comment if you disagree. It'll give me an option to stand strong for my opinion. =)

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