Monday, March 10, 2014

"A New Hope"

Several honest opinions today:

Star Wars IV and V should definitely be seen before I, II, and III. 

Peanut butter in chocolate ice cream is a very delicious thing. 

FHE should not involve anyone acting on anger. 

Gandolphos has pretty good sandwiches. 

News of my day: I was happy at work. The 8 hours flew by, which was a nice feeling. 

I left the house during an angry moment in FHE, and was able to calm down and eventually pray for my family. I found peace of my own, and charity, which helped me to not provoke anyone further when I went inside. 

Hoping I can get a lot done at work tomorrow. I hope to finish my journal project soon so I don't feel so bogged down with the past. I'm liking the past less. I like the present and the future more!

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