Monday, November 28, 2016

Hobby Update: I Still Feel Like Dancing

I have some things to report! Remember how I compared myself to Napoleon Dynamite, dancing in my room alone, only to later perform it in front of all my peers? Well, it literally happened! Two girls, Rachel and Violet, invited me to do Napoleon's dance with them at the branch talent show a couple weeks ago. We practiced for about a week, then got our groove on at the Institute! I'm very happy I did it... and I'm even more grateful that I didn't do it alone!

We used this tutorial, if you're interested in learning it yourself. =)

Also, I've decided to keep dancing as my hobby a little while longer. I want to continue progressing beyond where I am, and I'm not tired of this hobby yet! I recently purchased a break-dancing class and a hip hop dancing class, and I'm going to get started on those. You may make fun of me for purchasing classes and spending money on these sorts of things, but I've found that classes help me more than  anything else. It's a combination of making the sacrifice financially, having the material organized and presented to me sequentially, and also the option of receiving feedback. Since that's what works for me, that's what I'll do. We've got Spare Oom clear enough that I have room to dance in it, thanks to my kind roommates. I think I've got all the resources I need. Now I just gotta do it! And maybe find some friends who want to do it with me as well. Anyone?

I'm looking forward to expanding my dance reportoire (not a hard thing to do, as I know next to nothing). So far, it has felt pretty liberating!