Monday, April 18, 2016

Hobby Discovery

I have had the wonderful experience of living with dear friends for the last three months, and they are preparing to move back to Utah in less than two weeks. They'll be leaving me their apartment, and I will begin a new stage of life: living alone.

I have no idea whether living alone will be awesome, completely devastating, or somewhere in between.

To prepare against devastation, I'm planning to explore a bunch of hobbies. I've been surviving school, job searches, missionary work, and failed relationships for a decade, and I would like to have fun again. I have a job with a salary, in my field. It's not perfect, but it's a good place to be. So I now commit to work only 40 hours a week and make sure I do things I enjoy with some of the free time I'll create. I'll do some things with other people and some things alone. And I plan to use my blog to share what I learn.

I want it to be a mix of comfortable time with myself, and also a great way to connect with others. One way of connecting is online, so I'd love to receive comments, ideas, questions collaborations, or assistance!

I still have a while to decide what my hobby for May will be. But the current plan is Making Sushi. =)