Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Faith to NOT Do Something Right Now

Sometimes the right thing to do is WAIT. See Doctrine and Covenants 11. Hyrum Smith was told to keep preparing, but not to go forth. At least not until he was told to specifically, at a later point.
Sometimes the right thing to do is go forth, and go forth immediately.
And I believe there is a spectrum. Sometimes it's "don't go until you've accomplished this other thing first" or sometimes it's "don't go for two months (or other length of time), then you can" and all kinds of other answers. Section 9 even has a "if you had done it earlier it would have been good, but it's not right for you to do it anymore. Maybe later."

Point being, faith doesn't always mean going forth and doing a certain thing (that you think you should do, or other people expect you to do) right away. Faith involves obeying the inspiration you've received, and working towards your righteous desires, trusting Christ.
But because inspiration can be different for each person, sometimes faith is exercised by going forth, and sometimes faith is exercised by waiting. Sometimes you work towards your righteous desires in ways that aren't obvious or recognizable right away. It depends on the answers you've received, both obvious and subtle.

Section 11 really helped me understand and have perspective about 2012 being a year of not actively dating. It was a Hyrum Smith / Section 11 year for me, in the aspect of dating. I feel the Spirit confirming that to me. I'm really grateful for it too. And it makes dating now feel better. =)

Also, right now isn't necessarily my time to marry, it's my time to date. I'm showing faith by dating. And the fact that I'm not getting married right now does not mean that I haven't been exercising faith.

It's all so beautiful. We receive different revelation, and we don't know what revelation other people are receiving. So we really can't judge them! We just teach the doctrines and encourage everyone to live worthy of the Spirit, and obedient to Him. The Spirit will adapt and teach HOW we keep the commandments, to each individual.