Friday, December 27, 2013


Since few people read my blog, I feel like this is a safe place to post things that I wouldn't post elsewhere. 

I meant to do a mandala, but I'm not feeling any colors right now. Just words. So I'm gonna call this art, and share it. 

Looking forward to the time things will finally change in this particular relationship. Gotta express myself somehow in the meantime. 

Sunday, December 15, 2013

My happiness is as deep as my gratitude

Things for Which I Am Grateful - For Which I Actually Feel Gratitude

  • I had moments of feeling truly loved by a young man this week.
  • I was able to realize how much I cared about this young man.
  • He supports me in fulfilling my dreams and following God. And he also has dreams and commandments of his own to follow, and he will.
  • I also realized how grateful I am for the Lord guiding me through the relationship I was in earlier (with Rob). God's hand is certainly guiding my life.
  • I am grateful for the true love that is shared between close friends.
  • I am grateful that school is over.
  • I am grateful that Sarah and Becca performed with me yesterday, and made a dream of mine come true (singing "Long Time Traveller" and "Parting Glass" in beautiful harmony, in concert).
  • I'm grateful for all the times Robert has had me perform at WhySound. I'm grateful for his kindness and his encouragement. He definitely has a heart full of kindness and faith, and encouraged me to believe I could do things that were scary for me. I can't express enough gratitude for that.
  • I'm grateful for the painful moments in my life, and my opportunity to learn from them, and overcome them, becoming a deeper, better, and happier person than I was before.
  • I'm grateful that God is giving me some new challenges (as I move home, prepare for internship, and also as I try to grow and be the best person I truly can, to be ready for my future), and that He'll guide me to meet them and overcome them. Powerfully.
  • I'm grateful I now have no negative feelings towards Rob's ex-girlfriend, and was able to talk to her today for the first time. She was very easy to talk to, and I really enjoyed it. My heart is at peace in that area. Which feels fantastic.
  • I'm grateful for the great people in the 43rd ward that I've come to know over the last year and a half.