Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Honest Opinion #1: Immigration

So, back when I dated Jeff, I gained a lot of political opinions. Some I still hold, but not all. I think. Anyway, one of the strongest opinions that stayed, and was later amplified through my own experiences is my opinion on immigration.

I believe that reforms should be made so it is much easier for immigrants to come to the United States to live and work.

I do not believe that crossing the border is a crime in and of itself that deserves the punishment of deportment. I believe that immigrants who commit felonies or serious crimes should be the only ones to be deported.

I do believe that the process to become a citizen should take some effort and time, but not money, and not a ridiculously long amount of time. The right to vote would be granted to those willing to put in the extra effort of becoming a citizen.

I see all these immigrants as people, and believe they should be allowed to seek the opportunity to provide for their families and have a better life than they may have been having in their home countries. And I believe their presence blesses our country, not damages it (with the exception of those who commit serious crimes, and the non-criminals far outnumber the criminals).

I  know I haven't addressed everything about the subject, but these are my current opinions on the matter.

That feels good. =)

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