Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I believe my most enjoyable part of the day was improvising for and participating in Music Therapy Ensemble today. I used my drums and my tambourine a lot, and found it surprisingly therapeutic. I was able to express a lot with it, even if no one else would be able to understand. I expressed it to myself. =)

After class I walked back to my apartment, jamming out on my drum as I went!

My other percussive moment today was when my head slammed into a shelf in the Institute bathroom. And the weird thing about that was that I smiled and started singing, and went on my way.

My expression of gratitude today is that I am so grateful I don't have boils. That's what I end up thinking about when my Anatomy readings are about the Integumentary System and my Old Testament class is about Job.

Today felt like spring. =)

I'm going to have an awesome day tomorrow. I promised to. =)


Thayninator said...

I love your double use of the word "percussive." =)

KitKatW said...

I love you so much, Ali! What a thickly compact of happiness you managed to infuse in one blog post. You are such an awesome example to me. Have fun having your wonderful days.