Thursday, April 30, 2015

Wholehearted Update

I took a break from my Wholehearted posts for a few months... This was because I was finishing up my internship in February, then I moved back to Utah. In March and most of April all my extra time and energy un-regrettably went towards my dating relationship. 

Due to a slight status change in that relationship, I will probably resume my accountability posts on my wholehearted journey. I have a little more time than before, as well as a renewed motivation to find healing and change, and live Wholeheartedly. 

Dating, more than most things, really brings my insecurities to the forefront of my consciousness. In other words, I can't deny that I have problems, because I see them so clearly when I date!

So here's to my current form of marriage preparation, and a happy life! Expect a Wholehearted update soon. =)

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Dating to Get Married

Most articles about dating and marriage are kinda annoying... but I really liked this one. 

Dating is really hard. That's no lie. But I could probably benefit from looking at it differently. This blog post resonates with me, probably because I look at relationships in the same way. He seems to have had my same issues. Its always refreshing to hear advice from someone who actually seems like they've been there, in that same perspective mentally and emotionally.