Thursday, March 6, 2014

Honest Opinion #2: Sushi

Sushi is awesome. Some people worry about raw fish, but I just really don't. I love the taste of the sauces and all the ingredients; the textures of the fish, rice, seaweed, etc.; the large-bite-size of them; the soy sauce and wasabi; the ginger in between. And I think I really love eating things out of the norm, things that I don't have very often. I love the novelty and variety of it. And I love sharing rolls, so that you can keep switching from flavor to flavor. It really is the way to go.

Fortunately for me, some of my favorite people of last year were major sushi fans as well. I had sushi for my birthday with Steffen, I introduced Sarah to sushi for the first time (of many times thereafer), and when I moved away from Logan, Sarah and Steffen and I ate tons of sushi.

Unfortunately, sushi is a little expensive, and not everyone else likes it. But let it be known that I do.

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