Thursday, March 27, 2014

Discovering Joy

Poetry/lyrics to capture the last few months, since I moved home from USU:

Good food
A safe home
Finding new favorite songs
I'm discovering joy

Having purpose
And vision
Knowing that I have a mission
I'm discovering joy

Freedom from constraints and policy
I can go down the paths that call out to me
Knowing there is a plan
And things I must prepare for
I have such a bright future in store
But I don't have to wait until then
To find my excitement again. 

My true friends
My family
The ones that know a truer me
Help me rediscover joy

The laughter
The connection
The kindness and friendship and quiet protection
I'm discovering joy. 

The Savior
His Gospel 
His Coming in glory
I'm discovering joy

Knowing I'm on His right path for me
Learning He'll help me be all I can be
Through Him being thoroughly healed from all things
Finding the light and the joy in each day
Being guided to know what to say and not say
Feeling excitement and love as I pray,
I'm discovering joy. 

Embracing the the challenges given to me
With my Savior I can do anything. 
As I lose myself I will find me. 
I'm discovering joy. 

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