Friday, March 18, 2011

Flashcards and Other News

Miracle of the day: finished my Anatomy flashcards!! 

Now I just have to spend all day tomorrow studying them...

In other news...
There are lots of people that care about me. That feels good.
There is such thing as drinking too much, even if the drinks aren't alcoholic. I feel yucky.
Megan's friend Lauren is really nice. 
I'm learning to play O Mio Babbino Caro on the guitar. It's really pretty.
I had a wonderful moment today during a role-played music therapy intervention. It was a "Wow! I made it here. I'm here at Utah State, majoring in Music Therapy! Who knew this is where I would be?" It was a cool moment. I was pretty happy about it. It was during Nick's intervention. I need to find out what chords he was using...
I got to help someone in my Theory class understand secondary dominants better! And I also explained the basics of Italian, French, and German six chords. He was really excited about those chords... I was just excited I got to help somebody with Theory! I love doing that.
My ASA went okay. Thank heaven.  =) I love drum circles...
God is good. =)

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Bonnie said...

Yay! I'm so happy your music therapy is going better.

And it always feels good to help someone. =)

You have so much to offer the people up there in Logan!