Sunday, November 18, 2012

Curly Hair

Jami permed my hair, and I'm loving it. =)

Wings of Lightning

To quote a line from a song I wrote recently, "Well, a lot of things have changed."

Not a drastic amount of change, but definitely enough to provide an update.

Over the summer I ran two half-marathons and only got injured in one of them. =) I also hiked the Wellsvilles with my friend Darrell, and the Jardine Juniper trail with my friend Steffen. I almost changed majors and schools as well, but eventually decided to stay.

I also became a volunteer at the FamilySearch library here in town and I am there once a week for six hours, helping patrons, teaching classes, and working on my own family history. It's pretty great. =)

Still not dating any one person, but have gone on a few dates in recent weeks with a few different guys. Also, I'm trying to spend lots of time with my music therapy gals who are graduating this spring and leaving me behind. I'm definitely going to miss them!

And my hair is curly now.