Monday, May 19, 2014

To Where the Sidewalk Ends

Weary of screens and online friends,
Take me instead to where the sidewalk ends. 
Tired of worrying about texts and tweets,
Just give me my bike and some shoes on my feet. 

Tired of wondering if my words are alright,
I'd rather marvel at the sun's golden light.
Instead of worrying about people to please
Let me look up in awe at the sky through the trees.

I want to be still, hear the sounds, feel the air
I want be open to all that is there
Waiting for me to stop and receive.
Peace and answers are waiting, if I will believe.

Sometimes there's a whisper, sometimes there's a chill,
Sometimes there's no words, but peace, on that hill.
Each time that I go, I feel an embrace.
I'm so very grateful for my sacred space.

There are so many times I just didn't see
The beauty that always was waiting for me.
I see it right now, and hope that I will
Remember this place, my space on this hill.

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