Monday, May 19, 2014

Originally composed for Facebook but decided not to leave it there

Taking a Facebook break for a while.
Struggling to feel like my time is worthwhile
As I scroll through my newsfeed and see what's been shared.
There's all of this sharing, but sometimes we spare
The parts that are real, when times don't look swell
It's still part of our lives, but we'd rather not tell.
And thats probably fine, maybe this isn't the place.
But then why am I spending so much time in my day
To read all that's filtered, all that's fixed and repaired
To prevent all offense - We do it because we are scared.
I know that that's often the truth, at least for me.
I put forth the image I want you to see.
I try to be real, but I sense that my mind
Is always looking for ways to garnish more "likes."

I don't think Facebook's evil, I don't think its a sin.
I'm grateful we're connected and can let each other in.
But I think I need a break, I need to train  my mind
To let go of what other's think. I hope that I will find
A deeper sense of who I am, what I like, and what I think
When I don't have to worry about what others see.
I like to talk, so give a call, or send a text. Please do!
My number begins with 801 and ends in a 2.
I'll also respond to messages. 
I just won't scroll through my feed.
I don't plan to post anymore for a while.
See ya in over a week!

(Why was this written in poetry? Sometimes I'm just in the mood.)

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