Monday, April 4, 2011

General Conference Thoughts: President Monson's Closing Remarks

As President Monson spoke of Christ, the Spirit testified to me that President Monson knows Jesus Christ. Of course, prophets aren't the only ones who can know Christ. Any of us can. The more faith in Him that we exercise the more we get to know Him. The pure in heart are promised they will see Him (Matthew 5:8). None of us are forbidden, and all of us are encouraged, to come unto Him and come to know Him. So even though President Monson isn't the only one who knows Christ, I know that he does know Jesus Christ. And in addition to knowing Christ, he has also been given the responsibility and authority to lead and guide Jesus Christ's church, under Jesus's direction.

I'm so grateful Jesus has servants that He speaks through today. And I look forward to the day that He returns, and speaks to us Himself. In the meantime, I will be grateful that He speaks through His servants, and also through His Holy Spirit, directly to my heart.

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