Monday, April 11, 2011

I See The Light

I've learned a lot in the last couple days. There are some things I've started to "see the light" about. And they're probably too personal to share in detail with the entire world on a website. =) But I feel like a lot of it is represented in, among other things, the themes in the movie Tangled. Right before this scene, Rapunzel is telling Flynn she's afraid of her dream (of seeing the lanterns) not being everything she's expected it to be. And she's also afraid that it WILL be everything she expected, because what do you do then? And Flynn/Eugene says something like "You find another dream."

For me, it's as if I got lost in the woods, and haven't even made it to the lanterns yet. But I will. I was too afraid of my "lanterns" not being as amazing as I was hoping they would be, so I stopped trying to find them. Or maybe I never left my tower. Well, enough of doing that! I'm going to find my lanterns, and they'll be just as awesome as I was expecting them to be, and once I've done that, I'll find a new dream. And there will always be enough dreams to chase. There's no end to the happiness that I can have if I want it, and if I'm willing to do what it takes to find it.

And P.S. - I have a new favorite Disney guy. I haven't been this twitterpated by an animated movie since I watched Anastasia. =)

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