Tuesday, April 5, 2011

No Shoes, and Lots of Water

Today was the "One Day Without Shoes" day, to raise awareness. Visit www.toms.com or www.onedaywithoutshoes.com to learn more. It was a pretty cold day, so I tried to cut through buildings as much as I could, to get my feet warm for a few seconds before braving the cold cement again. I was without shoes for a good portion of the day...but had to put them on to go to the store.

The store was kind of a traumatic experience. Well, after the store. While at the store I decided to buy some water. You never know, there might come a time when our water supply is RADIOACTIVE, or possibly just bacterial, or maybe we have an earthquake and the water lines get broken. I felt like it would be really important to have some more drinking water storage. So I bought a 24 pack of water bottles. What I forgot was that I didn't have a car, or a ride back to my apartment. I had the bus. After I paid for my water and my other groceries, it finally dawned on me I had a slight problem. I could carry it all...but just barely. By the way, I also had my backpack, full of books (my decision to go to the grocery store was a sudden idea I had while studying at the library). Anyway, I hobbled out to the bus and got on. Then I missed my stop to get off, had to wait fifteen extra minutes for the bus to get back to that spot, then had to hobble back to my apartment (about a block)...in the rain. It was a rather miserable ten minutes or so. I tried to look at the bright side, thinking "maybe some kind gentleman will see this damsel in distress and offer me some assistance" but apparently USU is short on gentlemen outside when it's raining on no-shoe day. Sigh.

On the bright side, I will survive when our water supply becomes radioactive, or there is a zombie apocalypse. Whichever comes first. The latter will most likely happen by the end of this week.

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