Saturday, March 26, 2011

Best of times, worst of times

I'm being emotionally stretched out and molded. I was once told by a roommate that I was like a robot, and void of human emotion. Years have passed. And now I'm being molded, stretched, and shaped by my current circumstances, and feeling all types of emotions! I like to think I'm becoming more of a real person. Either way, I'm finding it much easier to relate to others. I can now better understand what it feels like to want someone, anyone, to come and be a friend and take away some of my loneliness. I can better appreciate what a simple phone call or email can do for one's spirits.  I am actually really grateful that I'm starting to understand this. I feel like my soul is growing. It's always been so unnatural for me to love others...but its starting to happen, now that I'm  gaining more empathy. The first step to loving is to understand, I guess.

It is really amazing to see how well God is able to turn depressing, traumatic experiences into beautiful new beginnings. To come to Christ we need a broken heart, so these traumatic experiences are the perfect opportunity to come closer to Christ and have our soul healed, our path illuminated, and our soul comforted. He is the Light, the Life, and the Way. Every broken heart experience invites us to experience Him even deeper.

I feel like my pain is helping me become who I need to be, by inviting me to experience the Atonement even deeper and more sincerely.

My heart is broken. But I am at peace. And I am so grateful to God, for all of it.

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