Sunday, March 20, 2011

March Madness

Warning: This post may be slightly more negative than usual.

90% of the status updates on my Facebook news feed were about basketball. Another subject of note was the Lady Gaga concert in Salt Lake.

Today, this bothered me. Do the majority of my friends know that the US fired missiles on another country today and we are now involved in another war? Are they preparing themselves against the possibility of a natural disaster like the one that hit Japan, or the possibility of radiation problems? Do they know that the moon will be closer to the earth tonight than it's been in 18 years and will probably appear bigger than any of us can remember seeing it, and would probably be a sight worth seeing?

Are they thinking about people who could use a friend? Are they thinking about the spring weather and all the awesome things they could be doing outdoors? Is their soul growing in any way as a result of their activity? Are they living up to their basic responsibilities? Is what they're doing really worth it?

I feel bad for judging now. And being negative. But I wanted to say this...but didn't want to put it on Facebook for fear of being attacked. =P

And I definitely recognize that I need to learn to have more fun. I guess you can probably tell that watching basketball does not fit the criteria of fun, for me.

If anyone would like to challenge me to some form of a game of basketball, I will gladly accept. =)

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Bonnie said...

I totally know what you're saying...The things going on in our world are unprecedented and yet all we can talk about is basketball. I think it's pathetic.