Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I bruised my leg with a boom-whacker. Yep. I'm thinking of buying me some of my own though, because they're fun. =)

I got to help more people with Theory today! Corinne and I helped Nick and Mary Jane after Keyboard Harmony. I told them we should have a study group after class every time, so I can teach them Theory. I hope we do. It gives me a boost of happy feelings when I get to teach people Theory.

I finally exercised again. I haven't done that since before Spring Break. It felt good.

I'm especially in love with music today. By the way, I hope to someday master the oboe, the organ, the cello, the banjo, the boom-whackers, and the djembe. In addition to the piano, guitar, and voice (all of which definitely need more work). The accordian could be fun too... =)

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