Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Hand of God

I have been so blessed. I really think God has blessed mine and Jeffrey's relationship. Its weird that the two of us keep helping the other person to be better. You would think that would mean that one of us would need to be superior, in order to be inspiring the other. But no. We are just two weak people, and somehow as we spend time together we become better people. So maybe it's not us that's inspiring each other, maybe it is just the hand of God on our relationship. His grace is enabling our relationship to produce amazing fruit! =) That truly is a miracle! I really love God... He gives me so much more than I deserve!


Tori said...

When two people, trying to be GOOD people, come together with the Lord at the point of their triangle; this is the result. And WHAT an awesome miracle!!!

And I can't wait for you to experience the compounding of that miracle in marriage - cause the bond, both physical and spiritual - that is created even in "only" a legal marriage, and is pronounced and raised to a higher power (mathematically and otherwise!) by the Sealing Ordinance... yall will be rocketing to the starts! ;)

I have felt in my marriage (which is still not Sealed, of course) the pull of improvement. Sometimes I lead out and sometimes Jess, but whomever does the other is bound to follow if the leader-outer is consistent and determined because the energetic bond that ties us together in love and marriage (especially marriage!) causes people who are trying to be GOOD to move/improve. :) WHAT a miracle!!! ^_^

Jeffrey said...

I hope you'll reread this post occasionally. =)