Friday, October 8, 2010

Gratitude 8 October 2010

I am grateful for mushrooms, butter, and how good they taste when cooked together.
I am grateful for the beautiful days in autumn.
I'm grateful I've never tried any drugs and become addicted. I'm grateful no one in my family drinks or smokes.
I'm grateful that the Spirit was present in Institute today and told me to get working on following the prophet's counsel to express gratitude!
I'm grateful I got to sleep in today.
I'm grateful it didn't snow.
I'm grateful I have a roommate who loves to testify of Christ!
I'm grateful the text for General Conference is online now, and that the online Study Notebook works with it.
I'm grateful I have a friend who doesn't mind giving me a ride to the temple.
I'm grateful for my mom's example of faith, diligence, and hope. She's constantly seeking for more and more truth from God.
I'm grateful to be dating someone who has never disrespected me in any way.
I'm grateful for the cheerful place that I found to study.
I'm grateful I got to help serve in the Institute building by signing up to play the piano in the lounge for half an hour each week.
I'm grateful Christmas is less than three months away.
I'm grateful that it's bedtime now. =)

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