Monday, October 11, 2010

Gratitude 10 October 2010

I'm grateful I got to go to church today, take the Sacrament, and remember and testify of Jesus Christ.
I'm grateful I had so much fun with Jeff and my roommates.
I'm grateful for that eternal cookie recipe. They never stop being delicious, and everyone loves them. =) I'm grateful for white chocolate chips.
I'm grateful that I'm learning how to cook without getting stressed! The fettucine alfredo turned out great!
I'm grateful I had the opportunity to say the prayer at Ward Prayer. It was such a good experience. =)
I'm grateful to have so many exceptional people in my life.
I'm grateful I'm becoming a better person, through Christ's grace. I'm grateful He helps me think less often about myself and more often about others. Definitely still not perfect at that, but I'm grateful that I'm being changed.
I'm grateful for the testimony of my bishop about the modern-day prophets. I'm grateful to have a testimony of my own that they are God's spokesmen on the earth today. I'm grateful for them and their sacrifice.
I'm grateful that I feel so loved.

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