Thursday, October 28, 2010

Gratitude 28 October 2010

I'm grateful for the temple. It's so much easier to feel God's love there than anywhere else.
I'm grateful that Jeff and I are focusing on listening and learning in our classes. It may be exhausting, but I'm actually feeling better about life now that I'm doing that. It feels really good not to have my attention so divided. I don't feel like I'm spread as thin. Time-wasters are dropping out of my life and becoming less important to me. It's a beautiful thing. =)
I'm grateful for my awesome home teacher who gave me a ride today! Saint.
I'm grateful for the kind man I talked to while waiting for my ride.
I'm grateful for the apple bread the ward missionaries brought over.
I'm grateful I got out of History class early (even though I like that class). It's just nice to have more time to do things than I thought I would have.
I'm grateful Jeff is coming up to visit tomorrow!

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