Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Don't Wait

Pictures I take as I'm walking to class. I try not to stop walking too abruptly, so that I don't get run over by bike, scooter, or pedestrian. Every time that I'm tempted not to take the picture, I remember Whitney's story she told me, when she saw a beautiful tree on the campus of Snow College and decided she'd take a picture of it the next day. She was all prepared the next day, but when she got to that spot, the tree was gone. All the grass around it was gone too. I think there may have even been a crater there. I'm not lying, ask her about it!

So I've learned my lesson from her. Here are the pictures I took today.

This last one was so much prettier in real life. 
The sunlight took all the color out of the photograph, but in real life,
the sunlight only made it more beautiful and vibrant.

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Aliandria said...

It's been confirmed. There was a crater. The whole hill the tree had been on was gone, and a big hole left in its place. I aint lyin'.