Friday, October 8, 2010

Go and Do - Gratitude

So. I am going to try to be more vocal about the things I'm grateful for. I'm not insisting to myself that I post my gratitude every day...but I hope I do. That will be my goal, but I don't want it to cause me so much stress that I'm not grateful for the opportunity to express gratitude. =P

To start off, I am really grateful that conference was a challenge for me, because now I am studying it more fervently, and looking deeper than I probably would have otherwise. I might have said to myself "I already got something from this talk, so its okay if I don't find anything new." Not so! I didn't find anything the first time. It was hiding from me. And by golly, I'm going to find it! And with the Spirit to guide me, I'll be able to find it. I'll be able to find exactly what the Lord needs for me to learn. It may or may not be big and grand on the surface - but if I repent and change according to what they say it will be a pivotal 6 months of my life. =) In addition to being a pivotal conference for the whole church, as I'm sure it is/was/will be.

Just to kick off this gratitude endeavor, I am also going to include one of my favorite videos.

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