Sunday, February 9, 2014

Goals Met and Goals Made - And a Happy Day at Church

And I totally carried through on one of my plans already! My page about 2013 is now completed. See the right sidebar for the link. =D

Church today was fantastic. We talked about balance and some "temporal" things to work on. And we also talked about self-compassion. I felt the Spirit more powerfully and peacefully and cheerfully than I've felt it at church in while. I made some plans to change, and actually most of them have to do with health. Its also my NY Resolution for this month. So I hope I can report some fabulous changes by the end of the month. I hope I can report a consistent new habit of exercising and eating healthy. I started the ball rolling today on a way to change some of my food habits. And I will be going to bed REALLY SOON so I can run on the treadmill at 6:00 tomorrow morning.

Today was my first day playing the organ in the ward here. It went alright. Nowhere near perfect, but I was doing my best. During the middle of the meeting, I was asked to play a surprise intermediate hymn ("You Can Make the Pathway Bright"). I had not practiced it... and it was pretty obvious... but everyone was extremely kind about it and I got complimented by a few people on my willingness to go for it even though I wasn't prepared.

I just felt happier and friendlier today than I have in a while on Sundays. It was a really nice feeling.

In the Wholehearted class, we will be focusing on Resilience. Expect to hear more from me about that.

And without further ado, I will be on my way to bed.

Family selfie! The girl part of the family, anyway. =)

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