Saturday, February 8, 2014

Big Blog Plans

I've got bigger plans for this blog than I have in years. I went to RootsTech today, and it was awesome. Instead of going to research classes, I went to classes about telling stories - my own and my ancestors. And it just got me really excited! I want to share my story, my family's stories, and the stories of my friends (those who want to share them, anyway).

I also want to continue sharing about my Wholehearted Living class, and start sharing more. I've become nervous for some reason. But luckily for me, hardly anyone I actually know reads my blog. And if I post a link to Facebook, it can just be to my "Close Friends" list. So yeah.

I am excited to start sharing more. And scared too. But I'll try to be purposeful about what I share. I really want to grow in authenticity. That's one of my main reasons. I hope this helps me feel more centered and stable.

First thing I want to do is add another page summarizing the year, and talk about why my 2013 was a year of courage. I did something similar for 2011 and 2012, and plan to continue that tradition. =)

Captain Jack, the FamilySearch pirate. And me. =)
Why a pirate? To tell us "Dead men tell no tales... But their obituaries do."

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