Sunday, February 24, 2008

The hand of God

How have I seen God's hand in my life today?
Through Elizabeth's listening ear and words of reason and encouragement when I was discouraged about my mission (and a few other things).
Through Steve showing me the music from Holst's "Jupiter." That music is nearly sacred in its beauty.
God showed me several different opportunities for helping others through a little extra kindness. And when I obeyed, I was able to stop focusing on myself and my various and multitudinous problems. He showed my how to forget my own worries by serving others. And He showed me ways that I could do it without getting overwhelmed, even though it did take a little extra effort. A lot of people were kind of down, feeling "haggard" and I did what I could to let them know I was glad they were around.
He enlivened the ward choir and helped spread the Spirit, and also got me excited for my mission, because of the Spirit I felt as the men of the choir were singing. (We were singing "Hark All Ye Nations." What a wonderful hymn!) 
I made it home safely, in the big snowstorm.
Joshy was excited when I got home, because he wanted me to play the piano with him.
I got home at just the right time for dinner.
Guy gave me a very kind sunshine note.
The sun was shining so beautifully this morning in a clear blue sky, and the birds were even singing!
My family watched our ward Pioneer Trek DVD and I was reminded about the sacrifices of my ancestors, and realized the part I have to play, to do my part to not be a weak link in our family chain. I was encouraged and motivated to do more and complain less, and to trust God in everything. There is no room for fear or doubt if I have a thankful and trusting heart.
I have the true gospel, and my life is blessed by it every day. I am a member of Christ's church, and He knows and loves me. All is well.

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