Thursday, February 21, 2008

February 21, 2008

I babysat my brothers this evening with Whitney's help. I probably spent more time on the computer than I should have. But I did do several quality things, like loading the dishwasher and wiping off the counter, singing at the top of my lungs with Whitney as I played "Hunchback of Notre Dame" music, and played toy cars with Joshy and Charles for a few minutes. I also read my cousin Kaylene's blog for the first time ever, and got simultaneously motivated and depressed about journaling/blogging/writing. I was motivated to do those things more, but I got discouraged about my creative writing abilities, or lack thereof. My cousins and Whitney are all amazing writers, and their posts are so fun to read. I guess I just feel like I'm not a deep thinker, at least not about the things that most people would want to hear, or that I would feel comfortable sharing. So...I'll try. And we'll see what happens.
My cousin Caleb got called to Switzerland, and is going into the MTC one wekk after me! That's pretty exciting.
Work was busy it has been every day for the past two weeks. Though I think the email complaints are becoming sparser. Which is both a blessing and a pity.  All the email problems that I knew how to solve made me feel so competent. Once all those problems are fixed, I'll be back to coding invoices and making spreadsheets and beautifying the office with decorations and watering the plants. But hey, I'll actually have TIME. So I'll just look at it in that positive light. And those tasks aren't so bad anyway. =)
Oops. Up past my pre-missionary bedtime. =(  More later!

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