Saturday, February 23, 2008

February 23, 2008

The sun was out today, and it felt great outside! I almost read my scriptures on the trunk of my car. But I have a short trunk, and there just wasn't much room. So I read my scriptures in my car with the window down. It worked. =)
I had a good time with Emily O. this morning. We visited so I could give her her birthday presents and she could give me my viola. Things seem to be going pretty well for the majority of her family, which makes me so happy, because it's further evidence that my prayers are answered. I love their family so much, and it's great to see things working out. Though I hope Laura gets better soon; she's been sick with mono for a long time.
I have my viola back. It's gonna be exciting to play the Bach Cello Suites again. Yay!  You know, I wish I had the time and the motivation to just sit down every day and learn the instruments I've been wanting to learn. My guitar just sits in my room, as does the organ book that Gerry gave me. And John's viola that I need to give back to him.
My mom and I are trying to watch a movie tonight (Father of the Bride Part II, in honor of her being in her forties and pregnant)...but I think the boys have taken her away for the rest of the night. And right before one of my favorite parts! Oh well.
Well, I should probably end this entry with what I've been grateful for today.  The peacefulness I enjoyed while reading my scriptures. Shelley's example (I visited her today. She said most of the same things she always does, but she also told me that I'm awesome and that she knows God thinks I'm awesome. That meant a lot...=)   ).  My mom trying to be happy, for my sake. Whitney's willingness to help me take care of the boys. The feeling of accomplishment after cleaning the bathroom really well. Steve giving me a call. Getting to the church on time, to clean it (even though no one was there and I couldn't get least I got there on time!).  The sunlight. Emily being happy and well.  The scriptures. God's assurance that things are going to work out. =)

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