Monday, February 25, 2008

Character - My train of thought this morning

Why would you devote your life to anything other than being good?  People wonder why we do the things we do, and I'm tempted to say "The question is why aren't you?"  Somehow people think that momentary happiness is worth it, when it's at the expense of values, self-discipline, and character.  Imagine looking back on your life. Why would you want to look back on things you had done that you knew were wrong? Everyone has enough of the light of Christ to know the basics of right and wrong. It just makes sense, when one uses perspective, to just do what's right! I don't know...that's how I see it.

It was these paragraphs that sparked this train of thought. From a New York news story that showed up in the LDS newsroom:

"When asked how she does this five days a week during the school year, she replied: "It's just discipline. You just have to say, ' I'm going to attend seminary every morning.' If you say, 'Maybe I'll attend,' it won't happen. You have to make a really strong decision and make it a priority. It takes a lot of self-discipline."

Consistent self-discipline then begins to turn into confidence and character, and it shows in other aspects of these young people's lives."

That last sentence really hit me. Everybody wants to feel peace, and that comes in a large part from personal confidence and character. That, combined with the Atonement and the mercy of Jesus Christ, is where peace comes from. Peace comes from us doing our part to perfect our lives and do all we can to show the Lord that we are so grateful for His mercy and forgiveness, which is ultimately what brings us back to God and saves our souls.

Perhaps I've just had an "Aha!" moment, but it just seems so obvious today. I think that's a good sign. =)  I know that choosing right is definitely not always easy...but I also know that it is always worth it. No exceptions. With the right perspective, it's easy to see that that's true.

I also know that we can pray to the Lord for courage and help to do those hard things that are right.

So why not just do it? =)

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Kaylene said...

Oh, hello Ali's other blog that I didn't know was here! :) I remember having this exact conversation with myself walking home from campus one day when I was 20 and thinking through the whether or not to go on a mission thing. Very true. When you actually set it all out and consider it, it seems so silly to look at life any other way...