Thursday, June 5, 2014

I'm going on an adventure!

I've been nervous about flying alone and going to my interview in the Chicago area. It feels weird. But I went outside and looked at the valley, and as I was coming back to my house, The Lord helped me feel powerul and unafraid. I realized that I really am seeing an important part of my future unfold, and I can handle it. If not by myself, at least with Him. It's just kind of crazy: you get these far-out ideas and goals, and take small steps working towards them, and a few big steps in there too, and then suddenly, those far-out ideas start to become reality. I mean, tomorrow morning I'm flying to Chicago! It's pretty crazy. I hope it goes exactly as its meant to, and that everything important that needs to happen, does. And I hope I have a blast as well. =) I think I will. I'm on an adventure, and Ross and Liz are fantastic friends.

The plane leaves early, so I am definitely going to head to bed now. Hopefully I don't wake up as late as Bilbo did, for his adventure.

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