Thursday, June 19, 2014

Friend Zone Opinion

Was going to post it on Facebook, but that doesn't feel right. People will be too sensitive about it.

I feel like sometimes guys "friend-zone" themselves by never making their intentions clear.

I'm all about friendship though, and feel like its essential for a true long-term relationship. But if a guy never asks that friend on a date, or never makes his intentions clear, of course he'll be in the "friend-zone" forever.

It's confusing for me when someone continues to spend time with me, but never asks me on a date. He's either shy/afraid of commitment, or he's not interested in dating me. And if I hear that he's going on dates regularly with various people, but still hasn't asked me, I'm probably going to assume he's not interested in dating me. No matter how many nice things he says.

So what options are there at that point? Either stop hanging out (which is sometimes warranted but sometimes not), or continue to spend time with each other thinking of him as only a friend. There's the friend zone.

(Of course this does not apply to every friend zone situation. But I think its something to think about.)

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