Thursday, January 13, 2011

Where art Thou?

I had an interesting day today. I was feeling kind of discouraged this morning and for the last few days because it seemed to me like Jesus was never mentioned at church meetings, at FHE, among fellow members throughout the day, etc. I've seen the examples of some people who aren't LDS, but are much more focused on Christ. One person in particular is an amazing example of that. She gives Him credit for all the good things that happen to her, she speaks of Him lovingly and gratefully throughout the day, she expresses her faith that things will work out because of Christ, even if she can't see how at the moment. She trusts Him and obeys Him and always wants to serve Him. Her life is dedicated to Him. I look at her and I think, "She is much more ready to meet God than I am." And I've started to wonder, how important are the things that I believe? How important are the differences between our beliefs? She has Christ. She has the most important part. Where does everything else fit in?

Part of me started to think "Are we really Christians?" We seem to so rarely talk about Him. We seem to so rarely exercise our faith in Him and then see a miracle. It seems like we usually just look back on our lives, see cool things that happened, and call them miracles. Backward-looking faith is a lot different than forward-looking faith. We so infrequently express heartfelt love, appreciation, excitement and gratitude about our Savior and Redeemer. So what's wrong with us?

I don't have a solid answer. But the amazing thing today was that I started noticing things. I was looking at my temple recommend, and the Spirit pointed out to me, that in the church logo, the words "JESUS CHRIST" are in the center, and are in the largest font. It was extremely comforting to me. Church leaders recognize that Jesus Christ is the most important thing, and the other parts, though very important, were subordinate. Also, as I read the scriptures and the words of living prophets, I noticed how much they were focused on Jesus Christ. It was extremely comforting to me as well. Also, this morning, the Church posted on Facebook: "And Christ hath said: If ye will have faith in me ye shall have power to do whatsoever thing is expedient in me. Moroni 7:33." In lots of other little ways, God pointed out to me today that this church really is about Christ. He is at the head.

The thing I fear however, is that a majority of the body will not let Him in, and so He is only at the head.

I hope I can somehow help Him spread. I need to let Him even more into my life, and then do everything I can to invite others, with a heart at peace, to let Him into theirs as well. I'll use my non-LDS friend, the prophets of old, and the prophets of today as examples, and I'll follow the Spirit as He guides me. As I do, I will see miracles. Because that's what Christ is all about. =)

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