Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Dangerous Past-time

I think I thought more today than I remember thinking in a long time. My brain is being fried. Every day is so busy! I guess that happens when you take 18 credits. I find it interesting that the brain I'm using to do all this thinking is focusing on memorizing the bones that touch and surround it. This week I'm supposed to memorize every bone in the skull and the rest of the axial skeleton.

I could be really stressed out, overwhelmed, or depressed. But I don't have to be. And I'm not. I know that I've got a Savior who is offering me His grace and His help and strength and wisdom, a wonderful boyfriend who is always there for me, always faithful, and always loving, and roommates and friends to help me laugh. Not to mention my family who prays for me and helps me figure out how to eat right. =)

Other things I'm grateful for: that we didn't actually open the bags and see the cadavers today during my lab, my water filter is working, I have new pens (including pretty green ones), the Anatomy book at the library was available when I needed it, I found some new shortcuts through buildings on campus, I got to spend time with my roommates, my spaghetti was yummy, I wore my cute hat all morning (thanks Jeff!), and I got to draw a picture that means a lot to me during one of my MT classes.

And can I just say I'm grateful for my body? It's so intense! I'm so happy it works! Today I'm especially grateful for my atlas vertebrae and my axis vertebrae. Hooray for vertebrae! =) I know that sounds cheesy...but hey.


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