Sunday, October 23, 2016

Right Where I Belong

I have to write this down so I don't forget. Today I was getting down on myself a little, not feeling "enough". I was trying to remind myself of God's promised blessings, and trying to have faith that everything will work out exactly as it should, but my fear of messing everything all up was pretty strong.

My roommate Carrie took time to talk me through all of it while rubbing my back. She asked me questions, and she followed the Spirit to let me know exactly what I needed to hear. I won't go into all the details of what she said, but she let me know they both feel strongly that being here with me is exactly where they are supposed to be at this time. Because Heavenly Father loves me and knows I need them as friends.

My faith was strengthened that God does have a plan for us. That He uproots your plans in order for you to help others, and uproots other people's plans in order for them to help you. Sometimes He moves mountains, and sometimes He moves people away from their mountain home to help you when you are very much in need of what they have to offer. He cares about each of us - you - me - individually, and will guide us along His path, and even provide the fellow travelers we need at each stage of the journey. When we travel with Him, we can't mess up our life's path beyond His ability to fix it.

It is one of my favorite feelings in life, when the Spirit confirms that at this moment, I'm right where I belong.


Gerry Baird said...

You are also exactly who you need to be! :)

Aliandria said...

Gerry, I forgot to comment on here to thank you, but your comment made my day! It surprised me in the best of ways, and I thought about that idea all day. I'm not used to thinking of myself as exactly who I need to be. It's a very satisfying, comforting thought. =)