Thursday, April 30, 2015

Wholehearted Update

I took a break from my Wholehearted posts for a few months... This was because I was finishing up my internship in February, then I moved back to Utah. In March and most of April all my extra time and energy un-regrettably went towards my dating relationship. 

Due to a slight status change in that relationship, I will probably resume my accountability posts on my wholehearted journey. I have a little more time than before, as well as a renewed motivation to find healing and change, and live Wholeheartedly. 

Dating, more than most things, really brings my insecurities to the forefront of my consciousness. In other words, I can't deny that I have problems, because I see them so clearly when I date!

So here's to my current form of marriage preparation, and a happy life! Expect a Wholehearted update soon. =)

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