Sunday, January 12, 2014

Brene Brown eCourse

I'm starting an eCourse by Brene Brown, and today is the first day. I figured I could use this blog as a good journal on my way, of the things I'm comfortable sharing with the world. So, be prepared, its going to be taking over my blog for a while here. =)

Every week we set an intention, so I'm gonna post mine right here.

I will keep courage, compassion, and connection on my mind and in my heart, and look for ways I can live them each day. I will be humble enough to realize their value in each situation, and also forgive myself when I fail to live them. I will seek to show courage, compassion and connection at every opportunity, and love myself through the process.

"Courage, compassion and connection will be my constant companions."

For any of my blog readers who don't know who Brene Brown is, or what her work is about... you can watch her TED talks right here. To me, they were/are life-changing. They feel completely true to me. And so important. Enjoy! (She curses now and then, but I feel that watching these videos is completely worth it!)

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