Thursday, October 6, 2011

To thy title be true...

To be true to the title of my blog, I'll tell you about an actual small ordinary miracle that happened today. After my first class I was going to go buy food at Aggie Ice Cream (they have lots of good food there and I'm addicted), but I told myself I was being excessive, and that I should probably save my time and my money, and just head over to the library. It was really really cold today, so I cut through the Engineering building. And I came across some friends of mine who were making and giving away free pancakes. Simple as that. I waited for a little while in line, got my pancakes, and was very encouraged. =)

Other small miracle: I looked really nice today. And then ran into someone that I love to look good around. It was nice.

Another miracle: I have a full presidency now, for Relief Society. Hooray for feeling supported. It's a huge relief... =) And they're fun too.

And now I will go to bed, hoping for the miracle of waking up alive. It'll be an accomplishment, considering it's 40 degrees outside and our heaters aren't working yet. =) It's okay though, it just makes me feel like I'm camping!

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