Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Just Had An Apostrophe...

I just had an epiphany, while I was praying. Fear is the problem in my life right now. Fear is keeping me from doing what I need to do in Relief Society in order to start seeing miracles. Fear is keeping me from doing what I need to do in music therapy in order to start seeing true therapy, and miracles. And fear is probably keeping me from seeing miracles in my dating life as well.

Well whaddayaknow?

And as I thought about that, I remembered that fear is the opposite of faith. And that perfect love and faith also can not coexist. And since, through faith in Jesus Christ, I can do all things, then I guess it would only follow that with fear in my heart, I can do nothing. And God can do nothing (or little) in my life if my heart is full of fear and not faith.

I need to choose faith. Even if its scary. Because fear is lame. And even if miracles don't come, due to choices of others, I will know that the lack of miracle was not because of me. I will know I gave my heart and my faith, and my best. Either result of my showing faith is better than the results of living in fear.

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