Friday, August 5, 2011

Lonely Yet Triumphant Independence

Good day today! God answered my morning prayer throughout the day. =) I woke up, ran around the block, showered, read scriptures, got on the bus, bought 2 muffins and 2 giant cookies for 50 cents apiece, walked to the temple while talking to God, did Initiatory in the temple despite a long wait, took bus route 5, bought really good socks at Sports Authority and only had to pay a third of the price, walked to the DI and bought two pairs of shorts, a pair of brown pants, a pair of brown shoes, a new shirt, Harry Potter 1 on tape casette, a puzzle, and a bike helmet. Those all came to $28. Then rode the bus home. Met my roommate Rachel. Spent the rest of the evening cleaning the kitchen.

It was a good feeling today, being so independent, and productive. It was lonely, but not unbearably so. And I got to spend a lot of time with God today, and that was very good for my soul. =)

And I found a ride to the 10K in Garland! Definitely an answer to prayer. Mariska is going to run it with me. =D I'm excited about that. Gotta go to bed now though so I can actually run the race tomorrow. It'll be the farthest I've ever run at one time. My goal is to do it in under one hour. Pray for me!


Shilah said...

This blog post took me back to the blissful solitary independence that Logan provided me while I was at USU. It was incredibly fulfilling and allowed for a great deal introspection.

Gerry Baird said...

Ali, I hope your 10k went well! I ran a 10k last September and had the same goal, to finish in under an hour. I made 1:01, which was pretty close :) I saw that you ran the 5k in Provo over the 4th of July. I was there, too, with my dad. Running has kind of become my "healthy escape" for the stress in my life, and I love it.