Thursday, February 24, 2011

"So you had a bad day..."

Yep I did. It just wasn't a good day. 

One possible reason: my sleep schedule changed. I was up until after midnight last night.
Which led me to forget that I had an Institute class this morning, and I slept in.
Then I performed poorly in Aural Skills. And I didn't bring all the tools I needed to make flashcards for my upcoming test on Monday for Psychology of Music, so my time in that class wasn't very helpful to me.
Realized I only have a week to prepare for my first Piano Proficiency test, and I haven't been doing so well (7's and 8's for the last few weeks)
Just couldn't focus.
Inadvertently accused of not being a true Christian.
Talked about behind my back (not sure if it was positive or negative, I only heard my name, but the uncertainty bothers me)
Didn't get nearly enough homework done today.

Things I did to help myself feel better:
Worked out for 45 minutes. Had a temporary energizing effect.
Ate a very large M&M cookie. Had an even shorter effect. But did taste good.
Talked to Jeff. Felt listened to and cared about, but not particularly more cheerful (Thank you Jeff, for helping me feel cared about, and not alone!)
Did my homework. Distracted me from my bad mood and helped me feel less helpless about my situation.
Prayed and read scriptures. Brought peace. =)

Soon I will go to sleep, and start a much better day tomorrow.

The best part of my day was when I called my lovely friend Emily to wish her a happy birthday. We haven't talked for several months, and it was so wonderful to talk to her! Hearing her happy brought me a lot of peace and happiness, and knowing I have her as a friend helped me to feel so much less lonely. miracle today is my friendship with Emily. There is something so wonderful about old friendships that change as time goes on, but never wither or die. Rather they grow even better. Those friendships are the best. =)

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Tori said...

What a day! I hope your Friday was significantly better and today even better. :)

I hope, also, that you never have the experience of losing such a long-term friendship to misunderstanding and unkindness. I have and it was super painful! Those long-term friendships really are worth cultivating and provide such miracles of enjoyment. I'm so happy to read that you experienced an "ordinary miracle" as a result of one! ^_^