Tuesday, November 9, 2010

"What a year it's been - are you still the same?"

It hasn't actually been a whole year yet since I got back from serving in Florida...but it's getting close. I was about to get in bed a while ago, but I got distracted (and stayed distracted for at least twenty minutes) by my screen saver, which is a random slideshow of all the pictures I've taken on my mission and afterwards. Each picture had so much to tell. I thought of how I never predicted my life to go the way it has so far. Before my mission, I wouldn't have predicted anything in those pictures. First of all, a mission to Florida, which includes the amazing members, investigators, and companions who would change my life, and who are now some of my closest friends, my sister Talita, attending Snow College and making friends there, dating Jake, going back to my old summer job (thought I wouldn't be returning, but it actually was great), dating Jeff, teaching primary, attending USU, and so forth. I could never have predicted things the way they are. And with every picture I saw on my screen saver, my gratitude increased. I've had an amazing 29 months... =)  Amazing people, amazing places, and amazing experiences. My prayer is going to be full of gratitude tonight. =)

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