Thursday, November 18, 2010

"Alex Haley would be proud..." / Teaching with power, unto the convincing of others / Live with hope and faith!

So, I got some awesome personal revelation today. And I also went on a walk, which led me to the cemetery. I tried to find Gottlieb, my great-great-grandfather, but I haven't found him yet. Though I did find some people with my last name, as well as some people with the same last name as Gottlieb's third wife. It was enjoyable. The sky was overcast, but the air was pretty warm (about 55 degrees). It was very relaxing. I was there for quite a while.

The Relief Society meeting turned out okay. I hope the words I said sounded real, and touched their hearts. I only spoke for a few minutes. And it was kind of ramble-y. But I tried to really say what I was thinking and feeling.

Jeff had an awesome day too. He was able to be witness a miracle, a true teaching and learning experience. It was a meeting about immigration, and Jeff and his friend were able to teach with the spirit, in a way that everyone in attendance changed their stance and their opinions about the whole issue. And it all happened with no contention. That is truly a miracle! He sounded so happy when he told me about it. I'm so happy he got to experience that. I wish I could've been there to witness it. I wish so much that I could teach with power, through the Spirit, "unto the convincing of all those who heard." Someday. =)

I'm going to live with hope and faith. Not doubt and fear. I'm deciding that. I think its a pretty good decision. =) My life is going to be epic. At least to me. =D

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