Monday, October 13, 2014

Digging Deep

To quote from Brene Brown, on page 4 of "The Gifts of Imperfection":

[The Wholehearted] get:

  • Deliberate in their thoughts and behaviors through prayer, meditation, or simply setting their intentions;
  • Inspired to make new and different choices;
  • Going. They take action.
Close quote. =)

For becoming more comfortable with myself:
  • My intention that I'm setting right now is to become more fully comfortable with myself.
  • My new and different choice will be to read from this book every day, and apply something in it.
  • And I will prove I did something by reporting that I did, on here.

I will also apply this to my work tomorrow.
  • I will set my intention to put patients first.
  • My different choice will be to use positive language - "I GET to see several patients today" instead of "I better see several patients today."
  • I will go do several sessions. As many as time will allow.

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