Sunday, October 12, 2014

8 Weeks

Somehow, I have been here for 8 weeks. Two months. I'm basically a third of the way through. How did that happen?

If I had to sum up my time here so far, I would say that the first four weeks were the hardest. They were exciting because everything was new. But  it was also stressful because everything was new! It was hard to adjust to the internship itself, to my new house and roommates, to a long-distance relationship, to being alone... It was a rough time.

But things have been getting better. I'm starting to find a lot of joy in my internship. It is stretching me, but its delivering joy too, so I'm very happy about it. I'm feeling more at home in Chicago, and more used to my surroundings. I can even travel around without using my Maps app, most of the time. =) Instead of a long-distance relationship, I'm focusing on friendship. And I'm making friends, and spending much less time alone.

It astounds me that I'm only a month away from half-way. And that after that, I only have three months left. I'm curious to see how much I will grow. It's kind of exciting to think about that. I don't know the details of what my future holds, but its actually pretty exciting to think about. =)

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