Saturday, March 23, 2013

Letters of Gratitude

Dear Elder Bednar,
Thank you for speaking about the youth doing family history in your October 2011 conference address. It has changed the last 18 months of my life, and impacted the rest of my life here on out. Now that I've learned how to research my kindred dead, I've been able to teach and encourage others, and many people have started on their own research journeys. Thanks for getting me going, so I could help get them going.

Dear missionaries in the JSMB on New Years Eve,
Thank you for offering me free registration to RootsTech 2012 as part of the indexing competition. Because of your generosity, I was given the tools to make me a valuable volunteer at the local FamilySearch Library. You enabled my dad to come to RootsTech as well, and now, yesterday, he made the decision to start actually researching his family history. This is an answered prayer for me. Definitely an "ordinary miracle."

Dear Dad,
Thanks for coming to RootsTech, being a friend this week, and letting me show you how to begin your research.

Dear RootsTech organizers, teachers, and everyone else,
Thanks for making this week awesome.

Sincerely, to all four,

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