Thursday, March 28, 2013


I just overheard an awesome conversation in the Institute building. I heard at least two guys talking in the hallway, but I couldn't see them. One was talking about his "coming back" and the changes he had been making in his life. He had gotten really excited about changing his life for the better, and things had worked out really well for the first couple weeks as he made good changes, but then in the last few weeks, it was getting a little harder. More hurdles to clear and such. But what I loved about this conversation was hearing how authentic these guys were, especially the one going through the changes. He freely admitted that sometimes he doubts that there's even a God listening when he's praying, or doubts that the things he does right actually help anything. But then he also remembered the evidences he had seen. He didn't get worked up about things as he was saying this, and he wasn't worried about the reactions of the others. And the other guys didn't pounce on him and insist he have faith or anything, they just listened and reacted naturally, reminding him of some examples from scriptures, and talking about some of their own experiences in "coming back" or gaining faith.

I guess it's hard to explain. You'd have to hear it. But what I loved was the authenticity, the real-ness, the open honesty and lack of fear in their communications. (This is apparently a big deal for me, as I examine some recent themes in my life.) They were secure, not fearful or desperate. Their actions and words did not spring out of any sort of anxiety. They were just telling the truth and being real.

I want to be like that, and be around people like that. There is something so amazing about authenticity.

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